Thursday, July 14, 2011

Suzy's Strawberry Adventure

Suzy and Nyls set forth to Fresh from the Farm this morning on the promise of freshly picked strawberries from an old order Mennonite farm.  The trek proved worth the effort as it yielded up a flat of berries that taste like only local Ontario produce can.  No tasteless, woody California strawberries grown on sterilized soil a yard deep and shipped a 2700 miles for us!

The return leg proved to be a bit more of a challenge between Nyls and the load in her shopping cart, which also included eggs.  Despite having three delicate loads she made it home safe and sound.

After Christian Cameron popped by for a pot of tea and a Portuguese custard tart, we whipped up a quick dinner of rotini with Canadian bacon (also from Fresh) as well with green onions, peas, fresh herbs from the garden, and goats cheese was in order, and then the kids were off to bed.

Some of the berries suffered in transit, and there was not going to be a moment to lose in preparing them.  Suzy and I set to work, and between another flat of strawberries for freezing, a bowl for breakfast, and quite a few that made their way into our bellies, the job was quickly done. 

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