Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blasts from the Past

It looks like we're not entertaining for a week, so it's time to regroup and get caught up on the backlog.  A new water filter arrived from Phoenix today despite warnings that it might be delayed due to dust storms that would have kept Paul Atreides home at the sietch.  It's installed, and the self-clean is running on the oven, Suzy, Aija, and Nyls are all tucked in for the night, and I'm not far behind them. 

So, for now here's a handful of blasts from the past for your viewing pleasure!

Suzy's Castle Subtlety for Aija's Third Birthday Party

Aija's third birthday again. 
Real weiners from Fresh from the Farm, our local Mennonite butcher
are just the recipe for twelve three year olds sitting still and eating at the same time.

A Christmas subtlety for a potluck at my work. 
The star is 24K edible gold over a sugar cookie.  It was delicious :)

Another cake courtesy of Suzy.
Sometimes all you need is a little icing sugar and
a LOT of chocolate.

A little stack of tea sandwiches and scones. 

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