Friday, July 22, 2011

Mostly Market Meals

Between booking a trip to Greece this fall, fighting a head cold, and work its been a busy week, so I thought I would seize this opportunity to post instead of working through lunch as I usually do.

Despite the challenges Sunday's attempt to feature produce from the market went over well.  Suzy's Black Cap rasppberry pancakes were a big hit with our brunch guests: Toby, Lisa, and their son Q as well as our family.  Each little piece of fruit was a flavour bomb that went perfectly with the fried batter and maple syrup.

Aija and Suzy helped with the prep in the morning, and then while the rest of the family napped in the heat of the afternoon I wrapped dinner up - four salads to keep things cool. 

They were:
  • Haystrom Farm yellow bean salad marinated in a Chateau-Neuf-de-Pap vinegrette.
  • Healthy Choice Farm Carrot and Edamame Salad (including Ben Sosnicki's garlic).
  • Fresh from the Farm cucumber and yogurt salad (a hot weather favourite)
  • Haystrom farm potato salad (including Haystrom Farm peas, Potager du Kanada radishes and Small Potatoes Farm parsley)
All complemented with a Fresh from the Farm traditionally smoked Mennoite sausage and some leftover tzatziki and pita for the girl.  It was just the thing for a hot day, and the leftovers carried us through a week featuring the hottest weather on record for Toronto (and it's not even midsummer yet!)

So, the update done, some recipes will follow over the weekend.

Stay cool!

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