Saturday, June 25, 2011

Good Ingredients

First and foremost we believe the foundation of good cooking is fresh, local ingredients grown or raised organically and ethically whenever possible. 

To that end our number one shopping destination is the Withrow Park Farmers' Market. Since the spring of 2007 it has provided us with great indredients for our meals and home preserving, and we have built great relationships with a number of farmers and vendors.

Among our favourites are:

Jim Hayward's Haystrom Farm provides us with great quality - in bulk!  Beets, San Marzano tomatoes, potatoes, green, yellow, and purple beans, squash, and thermonuclear chili peppers are a few of the things Jim and his trusty assistant Dave provide us by the bushel over the course of the year.

Ben Sosnicki of Sosnicki Organics is another favourite.  Whether it's corn, cabbages, carrots, onions, cucumbers, asparagus, lettuce, and much more, Ben has it in bulk quantities of the highest quality.  His Purple Haze carrots are not to be missed!

Last but not least is Laurel Fortin's Small Potatoes Farm.  It's amazing what an acre of land can produce!

Riverdale is also home to a number establishments that supply our humble abode.  Of particular note are:

Fresh from the Farm has supplied the neighbourhood with local meats and produce from Amish and Mennonite farmers since 1996.  A combination of great service, great quality, and great prices make it a weekly destination.

A relative newcomer, The Friendly Butcher, has made a very good impression as well, providing a selection of fancier meat offerings that are simply delicious.

Organic bread made in the french tradition is the hallmark of St. John's Bakery.  Add in it's community outreach program that teaches people who are struggling people a valuable trade and it's hard to say no to their superior breads.

We hope you have the opportunity to sample some of these wares; you won't be disappointed!

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