Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day at the Brickworks

Looking at the logs it seems like almost six months have passed since my last post. Where has the time gone? Imagine, Nyls is almost one, and Aija's going on four! That said, while there haven't been updates, there have been lots of good times in the kitchen of the Hotel Cavell. This first post back won't be a retrospective though. Rather, I'd like to take this opportunity to post a look at the good things to be had at the Earthy Day celebrations at the Brickworks. Our local farmers had a lot to offer despite the season, as you can see here.

Chicken, duck and quail eggs, chocolate cookies, baguette and olive-cilantro bread from the St John's Bakery, spinach, cheese and cured pork loing from the Montfort Dairy, cider and Red Prince apples, baby king mushrooms. The question is, what will they become?

You'll just have to wait and see...


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