Monday, October 3, 2011

Marathon Meals

 Staying in a villa on the easternmost edge of Greece where it falls into the Aegean left us far from many amenities.  Despite the demand from the re-enactment, a few nice things were had to eat, "over there."

Here's a little round up before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

The view from the pool level at the Ashley Villa.

Taverna take out the first night.  Way too much food!

Suzy toasts after a sit down dinner at a local taverna.

The view from my seat at Archeon Geysis, or ancient tastes, a restaurant in
Piraeus that only serves classicaly prepared food.  Honestly, one of the best meals of my life...

A braised goat leg in the process of being demolished.

We also did some cooking too... Chicken breasts marinading in the villa's rosemary.

Julian Faulkner, one of our companions, prepares dinner one night.

Her piece de resistance, greek yogurt with honey, figs, and cake...

Aija attacks a meal in a Monastiraki taverna.

A "quiet" evening out on the balcony.  A bottle of wine and a box of figs...

The view from the balcony...

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