Sunday, June 5, 2016

Have you ever tried to Barbeque a Pizza?

Suzy and I were surprised to find we had a $100 store credit at our go to kitchen store, IQ Living. A baking stone has been at the top of our list for a while, and this was all the excuse we needed to finally pick one up.  Aija asked for us to make pizza at home for some time, and the new stone was the perfect excuse to try barbequed pizza.  We had first seen it at a lovely evening at Daryll Irwin's house, but had never tried it ourselves.

Suzy got picked up a fresh batch of pizza dough from, well, Dough on the Danforth. I made up the sauce from the last of the San Marzano's from Jim Hayward we put away last fall. Aija grated together a three cheese mix from Montfort Dairy.  Pesto from our recent batches were on had as an alternative to tomato sauce.  Kale from Ben and Jessie Sosnicki, Canadian bacon from Fresh from the Farm, home cured olives from Briar Jansons, and other treats came from the usual suspects.  All we had to do was cook these tasty treats.

Abby Heidebrecht's experience proved invaluable, and she prepped
crusts while I headed up the barbecue. Barbequing them proved to be simple as can be: fire up the charcoal, drop the stone on the grill, then cook the pizzas for 12 minutes (or a little longer as the barbecue cooled down.  We made half a dozen different pizzas in no time at all.  A beautiful summer like evening made the whole thing a perfect al'fresco experience!

When will you try to barbeque your own?

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