Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Menu for a Mediterranean Memorial

Jacques Ducau in North Africa as a young man
It has been a few months since my Uncle Jacques passed away.  At the time the cold and dark winter made a memorial seem a sadder occasion than it ought to be. My cousin Lee and I planned a gathering in the summer to celebrate and remember. This weekend, while Lee's daughter visited from England,family and friends gathered at my parent's to remember over a few of things Jacques loved most: good conversation, good food, and good drink.  Jacques would have prepared the entire dinner himself. We shared the load, cooked for most of the day, and we found a new appreciation for just how remarkable Jacques was.

 Here is the menu and a pictures!

First Course:
Fresh Cherries
Salmon in Cream Sauce
French Potato Salad
Crudites with Hummus
A Selection of Cheeses
Spicy Pickles and Pickled Asparagus

Second Course:
Grilled Hallumi and Baguette
Beet Salad
Corn on the Cob
Flattened Grilled Chicken
Mediterranean Salad
Tart Tatin

The day started with rain.  Then the sun came out, a beautiful breeze tempered the heat.  Three generations of of family gathered on the shore. A pair of local pilots demonstrated their dog-fighting prowess in their bi-planes over the Sound.  We ate, drank, and made merry until the sun went down.

The People

Nyls prepares the marinade for the chicken
Lee making pastry for the quiche
Sooneiah after cleaning the beans

Jacques son Jacques with some of the grandkids: Jack, Elyse, and Sooneiah

John's wife Susan enjoying a moment without one of the twins

Nick and Sylvie in one of their favourite spots

The memorial board

Nyls watching the dog-fighting biplanes over the Sound

Aidan tries on Oma Norma's hat
Aunty Norma talking as usual
Nyls and Aija using their spotting scopes

The Food
The Flattened chicken

Beet Salad

Mediterranean Salad

Grilled Hallumi

Tart Tatin

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