Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two Big Guys Cook Risotto

One of the joys Toby Stevenson and I share is cooking (though we each have our own copy).  A little bit back we got together to see if there was a difference between cooking risotto the traditional way or in a pressure cooker.  Watch here to see the results!

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  1. So... I *LOVE* the concept. Thanks very much for sharing!

    I have to confess a bit of confusion.... while Suzy did comment on "Cole's" having richer flavour, it really wasn't clear which one was Cole's.

    I deduce from the phrasing that Cole's was the manual method, but from an outside observer (especially one who didn't know the characters involved), it wouldn't be clear at all.

    And, since I'm very interested in the results, I'd be very interested to hear a breakdown of what you guys liked/disliked about the risottos.

    For example.... "superior texture". How so? What did you prefer about it?

    "Superior flavour".... good to hear. Any thoughts are to why?

    My expectation is that the stirring causes the flavours from the ingredients to combine more. Is it that same action that causes the less desirable texture? Could this texture thing be accomplished by cooking a different length of time?

    I want to know more!

    Loving it - thanks for making the video!