Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last Jars

Stores certainly appear to be running low!  There are only two jars of pickles left, the jam supplies are looking anemic, and the last jar of Jim Hayward's San Marzano's went while I was out in British Columbia. Nyls asked for pasta for his birthday dinner today, and that led to me cracking the last jar of the pistou.  I continue to be amazed by how intense the smells and flavours remain a year after the basil and garlic were harvested. This has been great, especially when I consider how late the growing season is this year.  Last year at this time the asparagus was pretty much done, and here it is just starting.  All of which brings me to the bright side, namely the opportunity to lay in some pickled asparagus and asparagus soup this year.  Look for an update on that front as soon as I source 24 pounds of asparagus :)

Until then, here are a few photo's for your enjoyment!

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